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Bob's Biscotti

Bob's Biscotti

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Bob's Biscotti is made by Benish's Bakery, based in Kansas City.

  • Eight slices
  • Dunk in coffee, tea and wine. Serve with fresh fruit and cheese, sorbet and ice cream. 
  • The Citrus has flavors of lemon and orange - both zests and oils along with Cognac and spices. Almond flour adds richness.
  • My Hazelnut is the richest of the three flavors. Hazelnut flour, hazelnut oil, freshly toasted and chopped hazelnuts get even deeper and richer when married with dark rum and double-strength Madagascar vanilla.
  • Trade Winds blends cocoa, macadamia nuts, dark rum, Tahitian vanilla, orange zest and oil, and spices. It also contains almond flour and French white chocolate. 

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