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Posted by Louise Meyers on

This has been a month of transition at the Meyers household with three adult children “leaving the nest," so to speak, (two flying from Kansas City.)

We also cut down the 70 year old gigantic evergreen towering over our family home. This stalwart leaning tree had a wonderful life span with generations of children  swinging from its intricate and Godly placed branches.

In all precious things that we are given, we are also given inevitable change. We grow, we change and we adapt to these transformations hopefully with appreciation for what has been and with youthful anticipation of the unknowing ahead.

I have always had a thing for nests. Nests represent burgeoning life and growing independence. 

I was mourning how to honor this beautiful tree so I decided to build a giant nest on its magnificent stump.

It struck me as I was working on the nest with my friend David, who looks like  Ralph Lauren met Indiana Jones, and a dear friend, that life will never be the same.    The time you have with others however long or fleeting are time capsules and mile markers of life. 

I also reflected that no effort however large or small... nothing gets done solely by yourself.  From JT and his capable and brave tree cutting crew, to my co-worker of thirty years Tom, carefully priming, painting and speckling the eggs to pride-filled  perfection and the family owned concrete dynasty of Van Liew's helping actualize my musings and Northern Italian stone and iron tendencies. I should have been born centuries ago! Like Pryde’s, Van Liew's is a Kansas City treasure and my go-to inspiration for outdoor creativity. 

As my Las Vegas friend and customer Marie Traub says, “Pryde’s has things you don’t need but must have!” One example of this wisdom are the new and improved French cheese leaves for your next impromptu al fresco cheese platter. Appropriate for any entertaining occasion! 

Feather your “nest” and enjoy your family and friends before they fly away and become brilliantly independent. I don’t know who said this little gem but I see it on the wall of The Cracker Barrel on the way to the airport. “Give your children the wings of Independence and the roots of integrity.”

Happy Nest Building -




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  • Louise,
    I loved this!! You are one of the most spiritual-and soulful-persons I have ever met. Keep these posts coming, please!

    Suzanne Donnelly on
  • I love this!
    The winds of change give wings flight.
    My Best to your empty nesting ❤️

    Sandi Russell on
  • Sweet post, great messages. Disagree with your friend Marie, however. I say “Pryde’s is full of things you didn’t know you need that you must have!” Thanks Louise!

    Jim Sellers on

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