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“Twinkies“ and “The End of An Era”

Posted by Louise Meyers on


The showers give way to flowers and a true sense of ordinary time.  I mean by ordinary time, the ability to PAUSE and enjoy the fruits of your labors. In the Meyers Household that means four May birthdays on two days. (Literally labor!) I have such a feeling of TRUE anticipation for the future in May.  Enjoy the labors of your garden, cooking for others and friendships.

I want to  acknowledge my friend and always friendly competitor Mary Merola, who conceived, loved and babied her wonderful store, Function Junction. 

I remember living in my tiny studio apartment at the Robert Browning on the Plaza and buying my first piece of furniture there.  It was a white simple side table and I felt so modern and grown up! FJ was brimming with clean lines coupled with practical simplicity and wonderful color!  I am transporting myself right now back to that snowy day carrying my newfound independence back to my apartment.

We have laughed over the years and shared stories like old war buddies in the trenches of retail.  Mary, your creativity and ingenuity will be missed in Kansas City. It truly is the “end of an era.” (

One by one, unknowingly important staples in our lives fall away, so it is important to cherish your relationships with others. 

On a lighter and random note….. I made homemade Twinkies yesterday with my new Twinkie Pan from Pryde’s to celebrate birthdays in an unexpected way.

The possibilities of endless combinations are a smile in themselves.

Poppyseed cake filled with lemon, chocolate filled with caramel, and my personal favorite, Famous Dave’s cornbread filled with honey butter. 

Pryde’s is bursting with outdoor entertaining ideas. Modern lucite stemless wine glasses, iced tea pitchers, and wicker trays to welcome the outdoors.  

Stop in to stock up on Ginger Peach iced tea and check out the new Fiesta dinnerware color “SKY” that is still PROUDLY made in Newell, West Virginia. 

Speaking of proud, THANK YOU to those who have died in the service of our country and for those who mourn them. 

May your Memorial Day be filled with remembrance and the joy of the present.

Happy Cooking-



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