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The Godfather 1, 2 and 3

Posted by Louise Meyers on

I love cooking and entertaining, BUT my all-time favorite meal to prepare is a Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving is all about the food, family and friends, no stress of gift giving, rather the gift is the food itself.

I could cook a Thanksgiving meal in my sleep because I prepare a turkey every two months. It is comforting, economical and you can utilize turkey in dozens of delicious recipes.

Turkey is a perfect companion with Mascarpone cheese in a layered lasagna. I have often thin sliced sweet potatoes and lightly roasted them and use in replacement of lasagna noodles.

I always act like it takes me longer to prepare the turkey feast because The Godfather 1, 2 and 3 are always playing on Thanksgiving day!

The Thanksgiving meal, particularly allows us pause to appreciate those we love and to fondly remember those who have passed. There is no rushing to be somewhere. It always hits me like a brick-“Why not do this every week no matter how simple or elaborate with those you love?”

I also appreciate all of our wonderful customers coming in to lovingly prepare for their own families.

One such example is the charming Vivienne who mastered baking bread for her own family’s table. She named her sourdough starter, Louise. Truly a highlight of my my full-time 47 year career. Thank you Vivienne!

This is just one example of the richness of our present interactions at Pryde’s. You can’t find that shopping online.

Traditions and family are sustaining in ever-changing times.

I speak for everyone here at Pryde’s when I echo, WE APPRECIATE YOU and take pause when we are graced by your own preparation for others.

Cooking is simple and finite but memories are eternal.

My Mother-in-law Genie Meyers always said “There is no greater honor to someone then to have them in your home.” Wise words!

Happy Cooking- Louise

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