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Welcome To Pryde's Remodeled Online Store!

Posted by Louise Meyers on

Pryde's is where I grew up, and it's the only job I've known. You'll usually find me here sweeping the creaky hardwood floors.

My parents opened the store in 1968. Even back then, I fell in love with cooking, and I put a set of copper cookware in layaway when I was in third grade! A few decades, a husband and six children later, I'm still using those same pots and pans! Quality endures.

At Pryde's, we always have believed in high quality when it comes to kitchen tools and housewares, and we always will because they yield high-quality results. Time and time again, the shared joy of cooking and meals — brings people together.

That's why our Pryde's family is so excited to bring you our new-and-improved online store. We've gone way beyond giving these digital walls a fresh coat of paint. We've rebuilt them to create a rewarding shopping experience that will give you your Pryde's fix 24/7.

Easy navigation. As you know, Pryde's carries loads of the latest kitchen gadgets and equipment. You can easily look up items by brand and category. And we're always adding new products. If you can't find a specific piece in this digital space, give us a call. Surely we have it within our abundant 10,000-square-foot store!

Wishlist. Of course, we're known for our wedding gift registry. Now with our new online store, we've added a wishlist feature so you can share items you want for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings and other special occasions. I know our Pryde's Fiesta Fans will especially love wishlists so their nearest and dearest will know exactly what colors to get! There's a simple Wishlist signup and signin on the homepage. You can share the link to your wishlist through email or on social media.

Top 10 Favorites. After working here for decades, our staff believes in try before you buy. We love pretty much all that we carry. But these are our curated Pryde's picks, the best of the best, creme de la creme, cherry-on-top finds. We switch these up once in a while but not often!

This blog. We want to regularly share good news — like this online store! — and products, events, recipes and tips from the Hardware Store for Cooks.

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