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The Newest in Fiesta

Posted by Louise Meyers on

Each year, early March is like the Super Bowl to Fiesta fans. That's when the newest Fiesta color and products are announced.

Months later in 2016, Pryde's Fiesta Fans are still feeling the excitement. You might have caught bits and pieces of the news on our Facebook and Instagram channels but here you'll have it one spot!

Color of 2016: Claret

Fiesta calls this their latest sophisticated color, on the heels of Sage and Slate. Claret, a fashion-forward hue, reminds us of Cinnabar, a retired Fiesta color from about a decade ago. Claret is slightly richer and leans more toward violet.

Fiesta already hints Claret won't stay around forever. We really like the Claret Salsa Bowl, another new introduction for 2016. The bowl is available in all Fiesta colors.



Lots of us — definitely me included! — are thrilled by the addition of this new Fiesta line. If you like cast iron, this gives you that look with the dishwasher ease of ceramics.

While Foundry feels fresh and hip, I believe it will become a classic because of its versatility. Foundry mixes with white dishes and, of course, colorful Fiesta. 

Foundry is mostly serving pieces including bowls and platters, making it wonderful for entertaining.




We're loving these sweet, simple new mugs. Of course they'd make perfect wedding presents, but they're also be great additions in gift baskets or fun mugs for your houseguests to use.



We've seen Halloween Fiesta take off like a witch in a broomstick race. There are two new patterns this year: ghosts and skeletons. Like the Halloween pieces of previous years, they're available on plates and mugs. This year's ghost also is available in a single-tier server.


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  • Love your posts & the pictures you share. Also like your Fiesta items not seen elsewhere.

    Margo on

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