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LOVE is the Answer!!!

Posted by Stephanie Revell on

In honor of Valentine's Day and the fact that WE LOVE WEDDINGS, we want to share with you some of the amazing weddings we have been lucky enough to be apart of.

Registering at Pryde's has been a tradition in Kansas City since our store opened in 1968. We love being involved so intimately in the lives of couples during the happiest (and sometimes, most stressful) times as they "create a home."

We've asked some of our couples to share their stories with us and YOU! We hope you smile as you read their love stories!! May it be on on a mountain top in Colorado, a beach in Ireland, a Cathedral in Kansas City, or your own back yard...LOVE is the answer!!!

If you have a "Pryde's Wedding Story" you would like to share please let us know! 


"Brad and I aren't your typical couple getting married.  In fact, we've both been around that block once before, and I affectionately call us the "hindsight couple."  Now that we know what didn't work in our first marriages, we have a much keener understanding of what we needed the next time around, and started dating with "eyes wide open" if you will.  With both of us worker bee's in our own right, it wasn't likely that we were going to run into our soul mates out on the town, so we both took to the world wide web, and became a victory!  And as it turns out, lived only five minutes apart, and had several mutual friends, so it's a wonder our paths had never crossed before.  
     Although the chemistry was undeniable, and the similarities substantial, we were both completely opposite of the people we'd previously dated, so we weren't quite sure if we were really what the other one wanted.  After a brief dating hiatus, where we solidified our friendship even stronger, and still couldn't go a day without communicating, we realized we were exactly what the other needed.  And the rest is history!  
      In December 2015, I surprised Brad with a 40th birthday celebration in Jamaica.  Well he promptly turned that around on me when he dropped to one knee and proposed at the ocean's edge.  (Here's hoping he doesn't expect that grandiose of celebrations for ALL of his birthday's moving forward...)  Turns out, I kept telling him that the sea was my happy place, so he wanted to take it up a notch.  It was pure bliss and I was the picture of happiness for the rest of the trip.  
      That's when the wedding planning set in.  Now, as I mentioned before, we were looking in hindsight and planned to do now what we wished we'd done then.  And one thing I knew for sure was that I refused to be the stressed out bride I always see, worrying more about how her centerpieces are set than savoring the day.  Getting so caught up in the planning process and the chaos that surrounds it that they sacrifice laughter for tears.  
      So just as we were planning the traditional wedding ceremony and reception, I started to notice bits of that bride starting to creep in, and the obligations and expectations of family and friends began to mount.  So, the moment I finally dropped my head in frustration realizing I should have never started this process, I stopped it.  With only a week before our vacation to Colorado, I scrapped my original plans and opted to do a surprise elopement instead.  Suddenly, I had a short seven days to put together everything I wanted.  
      As it turns out, it was almost like it was meant to be that way the entire time, and I, in my usual fashion, didn't realize it until the 11th hour.  We already had two of our best friends going on vacation with us, so witnesses were covered.  Our photographers were coming out for a few days to do our engagement photos, so checkmate on that.  And all we needed was our officiant, so with a few days notice, Ron Ruth got ordained and hopped on a jet plane to marry us among the Aspen trees at the base of a mountain.  
     To say it turned out perfectly is an understatement.  I still look back and think about spending the morning in a hammock among the trees on a mountainside.  The weather was incredible, my stress levels were non-existent, and I got to marry the man of my dreams... in his happy place.
     Finally, when we came back, our parents threw us a little backyard soiree to celebrate with everyone that couldn't make it to Colorado.  We considered not registering at all, but when we decided to, our natural pick was Pryde's.  That was again, another lesson learned in hindsight.  We had our collection of "cheaply made" stuff from the first time around, so this time, we knew we wanted to take the quality route.  Simply put, we want stuff that will go the distance and last as long as we hope our marriage will!  ​

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