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Irish eyes are smiling......on Weddings!

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Hello Pryde's Friends,
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!
To celebrate we hope you enjoy the magical and lovely wedding of Stevie and Ryan, one of our sweet couples who registered at Pryde's last year! Just a few photos are listed here but you can click on her photo gallery and see for yourself the beauty and grace this lovely island added to their most happy of days!
Many thanks for helping all of our friends and family with the wedding/bridal shower gifts-I always have such a nice time at Pryde's, I hope they too enjoyed the experience. My mother would always take me there as a young girl and we would spend hours in every nook of your store. My grandmother, Sally Rush taught me how to make pies and all sorts of treats, while my mother is more of an "Italian food specialist." Now that Ryan and I are serious cooks, we couldn't think of a better place to have our registry than Prydes! Not only could we find professional and unique tools, there are little surprises and so much to learn from the staff.
Ryan and I were married on Inishmore, County Galway, Ireland on September, 15 of last year. Ryan's family has Irish roots and we've always wanted to travel there together, so we decided to have an intimate ceremony on the remote island of Inishmore. Our parents and  sisters agreed to join us for the event, so we planned our dream wedding and vacation!
We first began looking at officiants, photographers, and inspiration. It was quickly decided we would have our actual ceremony on Inishmore and that Dara Molloy would be our spiritual guide. Dara performs ceremonies anywhere in Ireland, but there is a special place on Inishmore, we knew would be uplifting and close to the heart- Temple Chiarain (Pronouned 'Kee-rain')
Teampall Chiaráin is in the village of Mainistir (meaning monastery). It is said to have been founded by St Ciarán of Clonmacnoise who studied here under St Enda before sailing up the Shannon to establish his foundation at Clonmacnoise. The church which dates from about 12th century stands on the old site of Mainistir Chonnacht. Several cross-decorated slabs stand near the church. Traditionally islanders draw a handkerchief or scarf through the hole for luck or fertility. For our ceremony, each person granted us a marriage wish and "sealed the contract" by drawing an embroidered hankie through the hole of the eastern sundial. 
We had almost no expectations for what this adventure would look like, and the local people made it better than we ever could have dreamed. The B&B proprietors, Geraldine and Thomas Faherty made our stay on the island wonderful. Geraldine warmly welcomed us to her home and Thomas took us all around the island for touring and for the ceremony. Thomas decorated his horse and carriage with flowers for us and covered it, in case of rain. It was a sunny morning, then a rainy mid-day, during the ceremony we had more sun, and then another storm right after our final blessings at the sundial. We had a traditional Irish meal at the local hotel, lots of Guinness and a full moon to top off the evening. It turned out to be a truly perfect day with our closest family :)
The young folks partied through the night and we took a ferry back to the mainland that Friday morning, where we all departed on our own journeys. Ryan and I stayed on the northwest coast of Ireland around Galway, Connemara, Sligo, Mayo, and we journeyed all the way up to Slieve League in Donegal. I did add one additional photo here at the bottom so you would know what Slieve League looks like-The area is thought to be the highest cliffs in western Europe! Besides the Aran Islands, Donegal was our favorite area in Ireland. It was a remarkable two weeks! 
Here are just a few of the photos from our AMAZINGLY talented photographers, Julia and Kenny( Photo gallery here); They were also a real Irish treat and I won't forget how great of a contribution they made to making our day. If you visit their website, Julia wrote a little passage about our day and posted more photos from the day. Looking at her website makes me want to do this all over again!! 
I am so glad to share these images with you and I thank you for being so kind throughout our engagement! 
~Stevie & Ryan

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