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Real-Life Registries: Butch Rigby and Christy Cubbage Rigby

Posted by Louise Meyers on

Date of marriage: Sept. 26, 2015

What brought you together?

Butch: I was at the Plaza Art Fair and looked over at her, and that was it.

Christy: He was cute, very outgoing and persistent.

What made you decide to register at Pryde’s?

Butch: Louise Meyers, Louise Meyers, Louise Meyers. Oh, and terrific staff and terrific selection. And did I mention Louise Meyers?

Christy: We were going to tell everyone, "no gifts," but we decided if people want to buy a gift there's nothing better than supporting our favorite local business. Whenever we purchase a wedding gift for a couple, we always purchase it at Pryde's — and we always will. And I love Louise and the staff. And the stuff, oh the stuff!

What was your favorite item on your registry?

Butch: The red clock

Christy: I’m obsessed with Lodge cast iron. We received the small cast iron individual baking dishes – awesome!

Describe the Pryde’s experience.

Butch: It's like being home, but it’s OK to have great stuff everywhere.

Christy: I could spend hours in Pryde’s and never see everything.

What makes Pryde’s unique?

Butch: The most incredible selection of home goods in the world.

Christy: It’s like a cook's fairy land! And the gift wrap! And the margaritas on Christmas Eve!






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